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di Sergio SEGALIN
Empirical investigation
In parallel with the clinical trial, the same individuals took part in an empirical test conducted by Dr. Alessandro Garuti of Venice.
This test was based on the use of anonymous questionnaires
, administered to the interviewees before and after the trial period, with a view to recording the opinions, impressions and sensations reported by the volunteers after wearing the test shoe continuously. This was intended to enable a useful comparison to be drawn between the real sensations experienced by the volunteers and the clinical and instrumental findings recorded.

One of the questionnaires administered at the end of the trial prompted the individuals to express their feelings and impressions after continuously wearing the shoe, inviting them to choose between alternative answers to a series of 63 questions (28 positive, 5 indifferent, 30 negative) listed in alphabetical order. The interviewees were free to answer as many questions as they wished.
Ninety per cent of the volunteers answered that continuously wearing the Segalin shoe made them feel "light"; 80% felt "rested". Since another 70% reported feeling "comfortable", "agile" or "at ease", this means that the sensations of being light on their feet, rested, agile and at ease were the main feelings perceived, that first came to mind in the wearers of this shoe. The remainder of the interviewees chose various answers from among all the other positive alternatives proposed. None of them expressed any negative opinions.
This confirms that the shoe genuinely reduces the sense of fatigue in the lower limbs and induces a restful and comfortable sensation. These findings are consistent with the results of the clinical and instrumental tests, which were able to provide the scientific explanation for the phenomenon.

The graph below shows the results of the empirical investigation and emphasizes the consistency among the interviewees as concerns the positive judgements they expressed.
It can thus be concluded that phrases such as, "I felt light on my feet", "rested", "wellbeing", "less tired in my feet and legs", and other comments in the same vein were spontaneously reported by the people most likely to have to spend a lot of their day on their feet.
These promising results apparently entitle us to claim that this is an original, interesting invention that will make its presence felt in the footwear sector.
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